Thursday, November 24, 2016



In some ways I’m fascinated by this guy. I don’t like, him; I don’t trust him, but I suspect he’s not as stupid as he appears.  Mind you, I’m not saying he’s intelligent either.

We have to understand that he is a salesman and a businessman. He will say anything to shift the product, and he’s pretty good at it. But at bottom, he doesn’t have any. That is, he does not have any strong beliefs or values (not many anyway), and will blow with the wind if he needs to. That is both a strength and a weakness of course.

He has already shifted his position since winning the election (well, the electoral college, apparently Hilary’s lead in the popular vote is now over 2 million). Now he says that there may be some connection between global warming and human activity. Well, that’s a start. Obviously he now has to talk to some people who actually know what they are talking about. It’s one thing to spout nonsense on the hustings, but another when you are talking to the heads of major scientific and medical institutions. They might start contradicting you.

Oh, and he isn’t going to prosecute Hilary after all, in fact he really likes the Clintons, honestly.
Oh, and he’s going to keep quite a lot of Obamacare, I mean he didn’t really understand it before he had that chat with Obama, and learnt a few things about reality.

Oh, and he isn’t going to build a wall after all, I mean did anyone take that seriously?

Oh, and he now supports the electoral college; he thinks it’s great. Before the election he thought it was ‘a disaster for democracy’. See how quickly he can change his mind, flexible or what?

In fact, on almost any issue you can find videos online of him contradicting himself. ‘I’m very pro life’, and also ‘I’m very pro choice’.  ‘I was the only one against invading Iraq’, then ‘Are you for invading Iraq - yes, I guess so’. See what he’s doing here; he’s saying whatever he thinks you want to hear. It’s an old trick, but successful none the less. In fact, some people on line say that the best person to contradict Trump is himself.

But on the whole I think it’s a good thing that he is distancing himself from some of his most ridiculous utterings, and he is appointing some good people to his team. Mind you, some are very dubious. It’s not good when your team includes people who don’t believe in climate change or evolution.

Of course all this does not decry the fact that most of the rest of the world thinks that the U.S. has taken leave of its senses. Their position as leaders of the free world is hard to take seriously when they elect a president who is halfway between a crook and a clown.

On the other hand, as Werner Herzog pointed out on Kermode and Mayo last week, most people though Ronald Reagan was a bit of a clown when he was elected. But then, as Werner also pointed out, he had been governor of California, so he knew a little bit about politics. Whereas Donald knows zilch. Hey ho, give him four years then can we please get back to reality as opposed to reality television.

Oh, and by the way, is it just coincidence that there is this definition in the OED:

b. To give forth a trumpet-like sound; spec. to break wind audibly (slang or vulgar)

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