Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Aguilas Carnival

On Saturday I went to the carnival, or carnavale, in Aguilas, about 30 miles north of my casa in Spain. Aguilas is a typical Spanish coastal town  - at least in this area, and is not very big, but the carnival is the third largest in Spain. The procession started at 6 PM, and went on until midnight. I have never seen anything to compare. Lots of very loud music (from amps and loudspeakers), and hundreds of costumed participants - mostly women and girls, but quite a few men and boys.

Here are just a few photos from the 200 I took.

Some of the costumes are more like wearable floats that have to be pushed along on wheels, like these 'clocks'. There were ten of these one after another in a great long line, each with a collection of whirling toothed 'gear' wheels.

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